Friday, 6 November 2009

Wall of the Times

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. What a spectacular cock-up.

New Berlin wall built for U2 gig to mark fall of old one.
Twenty years ago, thousands of Germans converged at the Berlin Wall to watch as the hated barrier between east and west was torn down. But tonight, many fans hoping to catch a glimpse of U2 as they played a free concert to celebrate the anniversary of the historic event would have found a small obstacle in their way: a hastily erected wall.

The organisers of the event, the music network MTV, erected a two-metre high "sight barrier" to exclude those without one of 10,000 free tickets from catching a glimpse of the band. The irony was not lost on fans, some of whom said they would boycott the event in protest.


Listeners to Star FM, a 24-hour Berlin rock music radio station, voted tonight to boycott the concert in protest. The station's leading DJ, Wolfi, said: "Is this is a sick joke? A band whose leader, Bono, campaigns for world peace and freedom, puts on a concert to commemorate the fall of one of the most monstrous barriers in history, and they erect a wall to stop fans from taking part?"

Really, though. There's nothing more to say, right? I mean, we all get it right? DJ Wolfi gets it, anyway. There's just nothing more to say. We can all just sit in stunned silence in front of our keyboards, wondering just how stupid the whole world has become. Death of satire and all that. Death of the invective blogger commentary, too, if this level of odious obviousness continues unabated.

I hate it, too, because it again makes me sound nostalgic for the Cold War, a time when walls were built to separate bodies and people and governments with competing ideologies, complete Weltanschauung, and not just protect the intellectual property of smug capitalists. Alas, I suppose this is 'progress'. Less ¡Mas vale morir de pie que vivir de rodillas! and more 'Well, I'll see a pirated copy on YouTube later.'

Anyway, a Big Numpty of the Week award to the twenty-year old MTV Executive who made the call, having never read a history book in his life. Bono's got no excuse, though.

Ps. Any suggestions for hash-tags on this? #wallgate? Inevitable, really, that someone will call it that. I like the more direct approach: #mtvdumbasses? #boobybono?

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  1. I have to say, I laughed for about an hour after I read this. Badly done, MTV, badly done!