Thursday, 8 October 2009

Swine Flu? Forget it!

A much more serious, much more debilitating virus seems to be threatening countries on both sides of the Atlantic. This from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.:

Conservatives Extend Poll Leads Over Liberals

Honestly. There is little one can say other than What the Fuck?!? What is going on? I mean, you could almost understand the Tory lead in Britain; the Tories always do well here, and it's just the swing back around to the assholes you know. But in Canada? Where the Liberals are the natural party of government? (It's on the Constitution, isn't it? Someone get back to me on that.)

What I find amusing in this poll is that we've apparently stopped measuring leaders' approval, or do so only as an afterthought. Realising, I suppose, that no politicians are popular, not really, they've taking the more sensible route and to measuring just how deeply unpopular they are. But honestly. 39% of Canadians think Harper is doing a good job? I would have thought that this is the same 39% who think that it's ok to eat babies. You know. Properly cooked. They're not animals.

Well, I guess there's nothing for it. If you are one of those 39%, please do email me personally, so I can come to your house and find the leak.

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