Thursday, 29 October 2009

Excretera now on...

That's right! I finally get it, well, get it enough that I've started tweeting. So now you can enjoy not only long, drawn-out movements of excretera, but also micro-tweets, those tiny little grunties to get you through the day.

A few reasons for this monumental decision, actually. First, like I said, I actually geddit now. For weeks I stared blankly at my friends' tweets, the language of the thing completely going over my head. But once I figured out @s and #s and RT, i.e. once it started making sense, I was hooked. Especially, seguing neatly into reason #2, as I had a rather nasty case of the flu last week, and anything beyond 140 characters was beyond my powers of concentration.

('Was it H1N1?' everyone asks. How the fuck should I know? I was sick. It was flu. I would have asked the doctor had he let me within 100 metres of his surgery. Maybe. Does it matter? I felt shitty. And now I'm better.)

Finally, and (you'll be relieved to hear) more substantially, it was watching two terrific examples of what Twitter can do that made me realise that this is more than narcissistic self-promotion going on here. Oh, don't get me wrong, there's that, too, and that's fine. We've all been hanging ourselves out on the Book of Faces too long for anyone to complain about that anymore. No. It was, for me, first the completely deserved attacks on Jan Moir's despicable Daily Hate article on Steven Gately, and then exposing of Trafigura's and Cater-Ruck's super-injunction against The Guardian that made me really fall in love with Twitter. Anything that can make such loathsome assholes feel so uncomfortable is worthy of my love.

I may never have a 5-digit list of followers (for which I will be forever grateful to the masses), but I will, now, revel in my connectedness. So come on over, follow me. Let me know if you're already on there; I'm looking for interesting people to read (other than Stephen Fry, obviously).

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