Monday, 21 September 2009

I'm back.

A so excretera returns from holiday like all that foreign food that looked good on the plate the night before.

In the months since my last post I've got a new house, a very handy new computer and, er, oh yes, a new baby. So, if sleepless nights and the etcetera a parenthood have left me a little less erudite and wordsmithery than usual, do forgive me. I will happily update you on my holiday musings and predictions for the future soon, but for now just let me say

Fuck the CBI.

Needs saying, yet again, I'm afraid, based on this:

This would be the very same group, our true leaders, this country's economic spine who, only months ago, rather jelly-like, collapsed into pre-adolescent pleas to the taxpayer to save them from their high-flying incompetence. (Holy shit, I am out of practice. I'm mixing my metaphors like a blender at a sperm bank. [?!?] Blame the new computer.) The point IS, the CBI have been telling us how to run the country for a very long time now and it simply doesn't seem to be a good time to be doing that, not after their colossal failures in the past months. Maybe not everything should be run like a business, do you think?

And it strikes me as very tediously predictable that I'm not at all surprised with the frequency with which I greet any CBI statement with a spluttering 'Fuck You!' over my morning tea. My children probably think 'CBI' stands for 'You're Fucking Kidding?!?', so I can blame them, too, when my son flunks spelling.

Oh well. Nice to be back.

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