Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Easy Rider

Looks like I got back just in time, too, to once again save Britain from itself. (Having spent the summer solving the problems of Europe... more on that later.)

It's long been pissing me off what an easy ride the right have been getting in this country's media, and by the left-centre parties for that matter (hence the title, geddit? I see Cameron as Peter Fonda and George Osborne as Denis Hopper). And it's not just the far-right who have benefited from the impotence of this country's media; the Conservatives have been lapping up the adoration of the uncritical press (lead by the badly-disguised Boy Tory double-agent, Nick Robinson, who gets all gushy whenever he sees blue and who is lulled into a teary longing when he hears trickle-down economics explained in an Etonian accent).

Two articles I've read recently make this case much better than I could. First, in the latest edition of The New Statesman, Alastair Campbell complains of how Cameron is being treated as PM-elect, rather than a shallow, inconsistent rich-kid who's, erm, 'policies' should truly frighten anyone interested in a tolerant social democracy. And this is from a man who should know something about dirty tricks and media incompetence, especially given that the BBC crises-of-confidence were sparked by Campbell's shameless, and entirely unfair, persecution of Robinson-clone-turned-unlikely-hero Andrew Gilligan -- if this is Campbell's attempt to make amends I welcome it, but he's got some way to go yet.

Another article from an altogether less-ambivalent, less-smelly source is from Sarah Ditum at the almost-painfully excellent Paperhouse, who shows how the more popular media are trying to paint Cameron as the King of New Cool Britiania, with 'Conservatives' as the new 'Revolutionaries' responsible for all the latest, hippest trends in fashion, pop-music and xenophobic, homophobic European social policy. The crazy kids! Take down your posters of half-naked Kenneth Clarke and Cliff Richard, girls! make room for David Cameron, staring wistfully out of the back of a chauffeur-driven limo. Nice touch.

Wakey wakey, people!

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