Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A serious debate

could be had, I know, about this:

US 'hate list' DJ to sue Britain

about the universal liberal imperative for freedom of speech versus the equally imperative duty of states to protect their citizenry from the abuse and provocations of hate. I could talk about the legislation introduced in the UK, the publication and very existence of such a list of people deemed undesirable and what this says about the British nation and the Labour government. About similar Canadian laws against hate and how such laws, though distasteful in a modern democracy and perhaps incompatible with an age of borderless information access, may be necessary to guarantee for all those competing, paradoxical obligations.

BUT, instead, I'd rather just revel, in my usual, juvenile way, in the widely known truth that 'shock'-DJ, testosterone-throated, rabid conservative political ideologue Michael Savage -- Grrr! Hear me ROAR! -- has changed his name from the rather less intimidating, rather less virile Michael Alan Weiner.

Te-he-he. Geddid? Weiner.

Paging Dr. Freud. Dr. Freud. We have a terminal case of castration anxiety on American radio. Dr. Freud.

I say we let him into the UK; let him say whatever he wants. IF, and only if, he has to use his real name. To preface every sentence, every opinion. (Something like 'I may only be a Weiner who wants to be Savage, but...') That would work for me.


(I am such a petty, superficial shit. BUT, I'm not a right-wing, hate-filled asshole. So that's something.)


  1. He should have hyphenated. Michael Savage-Weiner? Very Klein.

  2. Oh, you're good!

    (You must have had a good teacher! ;-> )