Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Self-serving assholes, right?

Oh dear lordy is the British press all a quiver with the -- alleged -- furore over MPs expenses. Is it just me, or is this another case of the press being a little bored, and over-compensating by being a little too unnecessarily outraged on our behalf? According to numpties like our dear friend, the award winning Nick Robinson, this has forever tarnished the reputations of politicians and disillusioned the Good People of Britain.

Excuse me? How many of you, honestly, last month, before all of this was made public, thought that politicians to be right honourable men and women who weren't on the take? So far, I've actually been rather impressed that most of the expenses for which they are claiming aren't of the £800-for-a-crate-of-champaign variety. £5 for dog food?!? That's it? Take it. It's yours.

That's your scoop, Telegraph? That's the best you can do? Wow. Your ace reporters are a bit shit, aren't they?

(Incidentally, on the Today programme this morning I heard some complete nut -- a Tory candidate in the up-coming elections -- splutter incredulously when it was put to her that the Telegraph was a right-wing paper. 'What?!? The Labourograph?!?' she said. Oh fuck. Think about THAT before you put your X beside a Conservative name in an election 'because we need a change'. [Side note: it is my long-standing belief that anyone who chooses who to vote for based on 'because we need a change' should have their vote taken from them. Forcefully, preferably. Let me know how you get on.])

To my happy surprise, this morning's Metro -- you know, that free paper you sometimes move before you sit down on the bus -- had the best comment today, in their front-page cartoon:
A picture of two well-groomed Tory MPs looking at a paper with the headline 'Now Tories Apologise for Exes', with the caption, 'Wait a minute -- second homes and tax avoidance are what we stand for.' More to think about before voting.


  1. I'm really torn. I think it's disgusting and betrays a hateful attitude to public money. I also think that the reporting has been depressingly prurient: in the end, I don't care how much exactly Oliver Letwin managed to spunk into a moat (or whatever it is) - I care that there's a system of expenses that meant only a handful of MPs *weren't* doing this. And that's what I want to read about, but the press will burn through all the personal stuff first and get bored before it comes to reform.

  2. Yeah, if I had given it more thought, I suppose a better post would have raised the disgraceful behaviour of MPs along side the disgraceful behaviour of the media in more succinct way, demonstrating how, once again, they are very adulterous bed-fellows, giving each other a whole lot of pleasure while completely fucking us over.