Friday, 3 April 2009

Someone spray-painted on my favourite bathroom stall


Yes! Spray-painted. And not in some random, crap way, or even with some artistic, Banksy-esque flair, but with a stencil. In block letters. I mean, fuck, where do I start? Ok, the stencilling is perhaps to be expected, lest the missionaries and their spray cans accidentally write, I don't know, 'God Lives You', and need to be excommunicated for the heresy. But I'm pretty sure that there was something in the 10 Commandments about thou shalt not committ random acts of public defacement, wasn't here? A subsection of the 'Don't worship false idols' law?

(Or maybe it was number 12?)

I love that. I could watch that forever.

Anyway, not to worry! Redemption is at hand. Some intrepid, hell-bound little imp has scribbled in a fading blue ink 'Tube' at the end of this, thereby ensuring that the Parker's ballpoint truly is mightier than that unsheathed sword of God's most verile urban guerilla.

1 comment:

  1. In fairness, 'The Flying Spaghetti Monster Loves You' would've been harder to fit. My heartiest congratulations go to the anonymous subvertiser, though.
    And - is this just me? probably - being told, even via graffiti, that God loved me while I'm sitting on the toilet would give me the distinct impression that od loved watching me take a shit. Hmmm, kinky, Jehovah!