Friday, 27 February 2009

I wish I had...

... one of those really quaint Southern US sayings to express how I'm feeling right now.

Obama declares end date for Iraq war

Determined Obama vows to renew US

Obama administration offers olive branch to Russia and Iran

Obama seeks to woo Canadians

You know the kind of of saying I'm thinking of, right? That folksy kind of (often mixed) metaphor or simile or saying that references some strange, mangy mammal or down-home cookin' food thing that you've never heard of. I've been trying to think of one all day, but I just can't do it. I guess I don't have the touch, or the appropriate points of reference.

Something like 'Well hit me with a coyote!' or 'Well stick with a BBQ fork and call me a weiner!' You know? Like that.

I'll keep working on it, as long as Obama keep this up, anyway.

(I mean, even to this cynic, this is almost beginning to look not shit!)


  1. The wife suggests "Well slap my ass and call me a Canadian!"
    how does it feel to be wooed (wood? woo'd?) by Obama, by the way?

  2. I like that. Thank The Wife.

    How do I feel about being woo'd by Obama?

    Gratified. Fulfilled.

    More than a little sexy.