Sunday, 4 January 2009

Wishing you a not quite so shitty 2009...

was how I rang in the New Year. Someone wished me a Happy New Year and I quipped that I would settle for...

There's been worse years, and certainly I've not had it so bad. But I gave up writing -- of any sort -- from early November. I haven't even managed so much a smudge here in cyberspace for two months. I gave it up, to stop the guilt from yet another unfinished job from tearing its way, Alien-like, from its fertile incubation in my guts. For which I blame, not uncharacteristically, the Protestant Work Ethic -- oh, well, that, and the absolutely depraved culture of academia -- but I'll give you grief about my 8 weeks of 20-hour days another time. (Hopefully when the pain has subsided and I can be a little more philosophical about it all.)

Anyway, while other bloggers have been busying themselves over the holidays, it seems (from the evidence of my 'unread' folder), I took a couple of weeks off, from working, from blogging, from just about everything (except, of course, being a Dad, which I rather enjoy). But I'm back now, and my determination to write -- here, there -- isn't so much this year a resolution as it is an opportunity, given that I'll have less teaching to do this term than I have since the first year of my PhD. Which, for the record, was now 12 years ago. Fuck.

Don't ask me, exactly, what I'm going to put here, though. More of the usual shit, I suspect.

Watch this space.

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  1. Dude, try listening to the "Consolations of Philosophy", via Melvyn Bragg's latest "In our time". Maybe that will help. Either that or let's go for a New Year film/beer combination.