Sunday, 2 November 2008

Monsters in America

I've been too busy to post here for ages, but I found this -- very worthily -- doing the rounds and thought I'd like to bask in some of its ridiculous, but somehow strangely apt, glory:

JibJab - Frankenstein for President!

(Thanks to Magia Posthuma -- an excellent blog on the real history of vampires, by the way -- for posting it on from Frakensteinia, which I've never come across before but also looks curiously worthy of exploration...)

In reality? Obama strikes me as vampire-like, without all the capitalist overtones (the slightly exotic charmer?), McCain a werewolf (it's the eyes), Biden as Frankenstein (again, due to nothing more insightful than remarkable verisimilitude).

And Palin? Pit bull hockey mom?

Did you see Dead Set?

Mr. Romero, I think we've identified your next project.

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