Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sweet Victory.... ish.

'Marx popular amid credit crunch'

So. Well well well. Not to be one to say 'We told you so...'

Karl Marx is back in fashion, says one German publisher, who attributes his new popularity to the economic crisis.
That's great, except isn't saying that Marx is 'back in fashion' demonstrating, first and foremost, a fundamental lack of appreciation for his concept of commodity fetishism?

"It's definitely in vogue right now," said the publisher's director Joern Schuetrumpf.

"The financial crisis brought us a huge bump."
Apparently so. The kids this season won't be caught dead without a hardback, gold-leafed copy of Das Kapital in their Gucci rucksacks and their diamond-studded, Arctic fox fur Cossack hats.

Unfettered capitalism is sooo 2007.

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