Friday, 3 October 2008

Dumb Dumber Dumberest

Could it be that, finally, Americans are starting to tire of the suffocation of debate and dampening of expectations that has led to idle-brained idiots like George Bush Jr. and (maybe) Sarah Palin getting within a sniff of the White House?

Bush claimed victory after debates only because he remembered to turn up, not fall over anything, memorise a handful of 60 second, meaningless anecdotes and... well, that was about it, wasn't it? As long as he didn't fuck up in some way so obvious that even Fox News couldn't re-spin it as an valid interpretation of the facts (e.g. he knew that Iraq is somewhere in the Mid-East, Idaho is in the Mid-West, Canada's up there that way and Mexico down there somewhere), he could claim a victory.

And I've never really bought the whole Obama=change thing -- do even Democrats? does anyone? does anyone really care how Obama sells himself, as long as he wins that election? -- but I'd be really curious to discover how McCain and Palin sell themselves on that same empty mantra of 'change'. Enlighten me, please, someone. Becasuse it seems that right now in the White House we've already got a pro-War, anti-abortion, oil-mad, root-tootin'-shootin', planet-hating, evolution-denying fundamentalist -- yes! why do Islamic religious nuts get called 'fundamentalist' and Christian religious nuts (most of whom believe in the same shit anyway) get called 'evangelical'? Let's call a spade a fuckin' shovel from now on -- folksy-charmer with an aversion to foreign travel and 'details'... I'm sorry. So the difference is where, again, exactly?

Sarah Palin is less of a pig in lipstick than she is Bush Jr. in a dress. And I know which one I'd rather kiss.

Sorry. Another stating the bleedin' obvious blog entry. I seem to specialise in that lately. There are better blogs out there with real news about what's happening in America. Go read those. I need to do this everyone once and a while. For my health, you understand. I need to let it out.

Erumpo, ergo sum.


  1. "Sarah Palin is less of a pig in lipstick than she is Bush Jr. in a dress. And I know which one I'd rather kiss."

    sheer brilliance! (did you see Tina Fey doing Palin on Sat Night live? I think most of the world has seen it, but thought i'd check)

  2. Alas, I've seen bits of Tina Fey doing Palin (YouTube seems to inundated with fakes now that everyone in the world -- save for me -- has seen it). But the bits I have seen are terrific. What's funny isn't how well Fey does Palin (which is a little scary...), it's the woman doing Clinton beside her.

    'I am even closer to the White House. Can you believe it, Hilary?'

    'I cannot.'

    No shit. Who can?

    Are people still watching SNL? I left Canada what? 10 years ago? and it looked to near death. Nice to hear it's still running. (Though people have always said since season 2 'it's not as good as it used to be...', and it was shit a decade ago so I'm imagining they've made it a little better?)