Tuesday, 16 September 2008

In praise of...

Most people who read this blog (yes, both of you) will already know this, but for the others that might happen across these humble offerings, maybe from Canada (are you listening?), you might not have heard about Ben Goldacre so I implore you, go to his website, Bad Science, and just revel in the first rate journalism and arguments.

He really has renewed my faith in empiricism and science itself -- well, given me faith in empiricism and science, which I was never too big on, to be honest. He gives rationalism a good name. And in pointing out the bullshit that tries too often to pass itself off as truth, he demonstrates how capitalists, in the shape of Big Pill Companies and the popular media, operate as skilled snake-oil salesmen of the most damaging sort.

Just go. Read the blog. Buy the book. Wear the t-shirt. (No shit! You really can...)

That's my public service for the month. Back to being a cynical, sniping asshole.

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