Thursday, 11 September 2008

I give up...

Exasperated Thursday morning. What can I say?


She's powerful. She's evil. She's, perhaps, the anti-Christ. Moose-hunting, gun-totin', flag-wavin', elitist, economic fantasist, God-loving', anti-rational misogynist -- yes! she hates women! make no mistake... at least, she hates women as much as, though perhaps in a different way, than this lot:

Really? I mean really? I mean, plastic, ok sure. I get that. But a doll? with a choice of a man's suit, a Lara Croft outfit or a school-girl uniform?

(Think of the middle aged Republican men... in their pressed suits... oh christ.)

I'm off to donate some more money to the SETI project. We're getting pretty desperate now.

Only American capitalists and the tabloid media could make me feel sorry for that ignorant, corrupt, reactionary politician. (I say 'politician' of course because irrespective of gender, she is all of those things, though I accept that you cannot look at her as a 'politician' irrespective of gender. The fact that she is a young woman would have been her one redeeming quality in this election that already has an impressive record of beating the living shit out of young women, IF it wasn't for the fact that the only reason she is there is that because she is a young woman... We're just never going to get it right, are we? We don't need feminism any more? oh, I think there's a way to go yet, don't you?)

The Guardian has the same report here. I don't know what it is -- they use the same pictures and interview, but maybe it's just when wrapped in The Guardian's warm, wooly liberal jumper, the irony becomes more evident than in that ITV, irony-free offering...


  1. Fuck fucking fuck fuck FUCK. There's so much to hate in the clusterfuck that is the US Presidential race and its reporting that I don't know where to start hating (which seems like a good point to start swearing).

  2. Well said. I'm impotent with rage. (Well, amongst other things...)