Thursday, 18 September 2008

A few statements of the frickin' obvious

Sorry. Just need to get this off my chest. But I think we can all agree now a few basics:

Capitalism does not work -- market forces cannot sustain themselves. (Points awarded to Bakunin, I think. That means it's been a century and a half and political debate has yet to clue in...)

The market is immoral. The invisible hand wields one very sharp, fucking brutal knife with the expertise of a blind butcher in a bee-swarm.

Bankers, investors and financial organisations do not act in the public interest. They only act in the interests of greed for the few, and will always do so. When prevented from doing so, they will fight to be permitted to do so. Like a toddler who wants chocolate ice cream, then more chocolate ice cream, blames you when he feels sick, vomits in your hair and then insists you serve him more ice cream.

Don't feel bad if you don't understand the mechanisms of global capitalism. The traders in the City and on Wall St. don't either.

The political debate in the UK is on par with school-yard taunts heard at the 'finest', i.e. most exclusive, public schools. It's all very manipulative but essentially chummy and there's actually very little substance behind the words because nobody has a clue what is actually going on beyond the very high walls that shelter the privileged little shits from the scary world outside...

... but it still looks like Plato's Academy when compared with the medieval squabbling that is going on in the US. (Canada is in the middle of a general election... I'll get back to you.)

As bad as things are, if we leave it to the the Conservatives, in the UK, in Canada, and the Republicans in the US to try to right this mess it will only be a fuck of a lot worse.

That is all. And I do apologise. Completely self-indulgent. Nobody with a functioning brain need have read that.

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