Saturday, 20 September 2008

An end to it

Everyone can now put to rest forever, I think, the idea that I am a class-snob with the news that I have decided to unashamedly like Vampire Weekend. I think this should provide ample proof of my open-mindedness, regardless of any previous pronouncements, such as my firm belief that any one who has attended Eton should be banned from public office (sit down Mr. Johnson, Mr. Cameron) and that anality is the defining characteristic of the upper classes (based on the formula money=shit).

I mean, I still don't like VW as much as I like the Arctic Monkeys, which should go without saying really and should offer sufficient succour to those that fear I am being seduced by Tommy Hilfilger's new Autumn collection. I would still burn Tommy Hilfiger clothes on sight, naturally -- it's just with Vampire Weekend, mostly thanks to 'A-Punk', I would allow Ezra Koenig to change into something more appropriate to a popular musician before poured the gasoline.

I still retain the option to change my mind, of course. And if there next albumn is shit, or they decide somewhere down the line to go all medieval mandolin, singing songs in Middle English about knights' underpants -- and let's remember they just get away with the harpsicord as it is -- then I will say I always knew it, that such frat-boy, trust-fund rock was inevitably going to suck.


  1. I can understand your vacillation wrt VW.

    They do give me an a cruel little thrill when I chuck that Oxford Comma song into a lesson on syntax.

  2. Ah! A most sophisticated point of order. Me, I rarely get that complicated, or clever.

    I forgot to mention that I've never really been a big fan of Peter Gabriel, which makes it all so that much more confusing...