Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Another slice of tofu, anyone...?

We're all going to have to go Veggie soon.

This article from today's front page of The Guardian:

Revealed: the massive scale of UK's water consumption

A vegetarian diet we all already know is better than a meat-based one for Oh! so very many reasons. Here's the numbers in terms of water:

Different diets have different water footprints. A meat and dairy-based diet consumes about 5,000 litres of virtual water a day while a vegetarian diet uses about 2,000 litres.

Before I get too smug, though, there are some other disturbing facts on water consumption here.

That's excretera's public service message for the day. Happy munching.

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  1. Aah, the article raises a good point or two, but we have to be careful about drawing conclusions from it.

    Don't let anybody kid you, but the UK, Canada and Sweden (whynot) are all extremely rich in that lovely resource known as water. We all have to endure lashing or water in some form or another for 60-80% of the year, so that's no news. In that respect it doesn't really matter that much if you're a water-lean vegetarian or a water-glutinous carnivore. What does matter (and which the article kinda points out) is that a good chunk of all meat consumed in Britain comes from Brazil, or France, or Spain, or just about anywhere but here. That's a problem.

    So just eating British meat isn't that big a deal, but then doing that isn't so straight forward. Oh yes, and irony of ironies: going organic just makes things worse as battery farmed animals consume less water.

    What to do? Shop/source locally, and not to panic too much. It does rain an awful lot, here there and everywhere.