Saturday, 16 August 2008

Another sec...

Back to the Russian-Georgia-South-Ossetia-USA mess.

Another useful, insightful article. This time from the New Statesman:

'Superpower Swoop' by Misha Glenny

On the one hand, says Glenny, 'Clearly, Russia has been goading and provoking the Georgian government for several years into making the big mistake.' But the US has also been playing its part, the neo-con hawks (lead by the always off-target Cheney) lobbying the Georgian government and allowing them to 'believe the farcical proposition that Georgia's armed forces could take on the military might of their northern neighbour in a conventional fight and win.'

Why? 'For the Bush administration (or for its hawks at least), the Georgian mistake presents an opportunity - let us recast Russia as a threat to global stability and a potential enemy.' In addition to reviving the Cold War paranoia that is so effective in governing America (remember the Project for the New American Century, where many of the neo-cons sharpened their claws), this has the added advantage, Glenny explains, in an election year: by shifting the focus from the economy (where Obama has the advantage) to foreign policy (where McCain has the advantage, inexpicably, since his foreign policy is the same as Bush's, which Americans profess to now despise) the Republicans are trying to ensure at least (gulp!) four more years of the same, Bush-by-proxy.

And don't forget the implications for Ukraine and Iran. Read the article.

PS. Incidentally, Jonah (now 3 -- Happy Birthday!) loves hearing all about this on the news. Everytime someone on the radio or television mentions 'Georgia' he thinks they are talking about his cousin. He thinks she must be very famous.

PPS. Explaing to Will the idea of 'bodies' (as in '... were pulled from the rubble', '... were laid out in a make-shift morgue') is a little more complex.

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