Friday, 16 May 2008

Be careful what you wish for.

At last! A scribbling worthy of another chapter in the Great Book of Bathroom Graffiti!

I was in stall recently (Hicks building, for those in the neighbourhood, one of the floors hosting a math department or some such... you know, numbers and the like) when I discovered this desperate plea:

Why does this toilet have no interesting graffitti?

Come on, people. I need something to read while having a shit.

Fair enough. Which of us hasn't been there at some point? Except the only entertainment subsequently offered to this sad fellow reads like this:

Now, THIS is funny! Of course I have no way of knowing how funny, because I have no idea what it means. I used to be good at maths, of course, but that was before The Accident. So I don't know if this is funny because it is an ancient riddle, akin to that of the Sphinx, that somehow manages to simultaneously insult this person and provide a scathing critique on the state of humanity, or if it's funny because it's total nonsense and a dufusses (dufi?) like myself have no idea, or if it's funny because this is a mathematical representation of the Poo Riddle...

Any enlightenment from more enlightened souls enlightened about such post-Enlightenment things, would, as ever, be appreciated.


  1. Means nothing to me. But I'm a useless Humanities person like you! But I did laugh at the idea of you contemplating graffitti in the toilets of the Hicks Building!