Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hate really pisses me off.

I have to share with you this terrific blog my friend Chris pointed me to. It's call The Daily Hate, and it -- simply, brilliantly -- posts readers' comments from the The Daily Mail (no link). That's all.

Just the readers' comments. I was suspicious at first, thinking that it would just be something awful, an intelligentista's guilty pleasure -- 'Oh no! I couldn't possibly read another... Oh. Go on then!' Something that we know we shouldn't indulge in, just for the short-term warmth, the feel-good bubbles, but can't resist just one more time laughing at the ignorance and stupidity of Daily Mail readers.

Well, there's a bit of that. But maybe that's not a bad thing. Remember, this isn't necessarily a minority opinion here; it's one of the UK's highest circulation papers. (Yes. I did research. But I couldn't bear spending too long on it because I found it painful and depressing. You can do the math/s for yourself here.) But the real genius of this blog are the labels: 'furious hatred of women', 'country going to the dogs', 'sponging off taxpayers', 'PC brigade', 'abolish the BBC', 'so-called "human rights"'... oh! I could go on and on. You don't need commentary. They damn themselves.

The 'furious hatred of women' label is the most popular by some stretch. It seems that Daily Mail readers are very vocal in their furious hatred of women. And any cursory glance anyway would show that they hate women furiously often. Which is an excellent reminder -- if any were needed --that there is a whole lot of patriarchy out there, and it needs crushing with a heavy, angry fist, ruthlessly, unapologetically and with severe prejudice against the assholes that talk such shit.

See, I get anger. It's maybe not the best way forward, all the time, but I get it. It's like Public Enemy say:
Flav: You sound hostile.
Chuck D: You're damn right I'm hostile! My people are being persecuted!
Like that. [Thanks Robert!] In fact, there probably is no where near enough anger out there, given everything. But we masses will have our opiates, won't we?

But what is really scary, reading these comments, isn't the dizzying level of ignorance, or stupidity, or squinting, in-bred irrationality, but the amount of hate that is out there. I mean nasty, spiteful, evil, shit down your throat, set fire to your pets while forcing you to watch kind of hate. We're back in Melanie Klein territory here (see the quotation under the title of this blog): paranoid, schizoid, splitting, cutting, ripping shredding, stick-it-up-your-ass and make you dance hate.

Where does it all come from? Fucked if I know. Well, I have my theories. But it's interesting how the tabloids -- and it's not just the Mail -- foster and positively encourage these vitriol. ('Hurrah for the Blackshirts' anyone? Just one episode in a long, unbroken line of hatred.) Undergraduates I was teaching in a psychoanalytic theory module (who are often cleverer and more observant than I am... but don't tell them) recognised this, and last term a few of them wrote some excellent essays about tabloids and hate, so there is hope.

Surely, though, this is the real reason this country is going to the dogs?


  1. Thank you ever so much for writing such splendid things about our blog. It is alarming though, isn't it? The HATE levels. I find it quite depressing. Today I was so angry about one article I tried to post a comment myself and it wasn't published - ironic no? I tried to join them and they wouldn't let me. I should probably go on holiday.

  2. I wondered if you ever tried that! I thought about trying it myself, you know, something along the lines of 'People, PLEASE...', but I see now it would be futile...

    So your post was rejected? on the grounds of... sanity, I assume?

    Keep up the good work! You're doing a terrific job!

  3. That is ironic, yes- obviously an oversight on Alanis Morrisette's part not to include a line about "not being published in the Daily Mail". A word of advice- if you do go on holiday, don't go to some fly-infested hell-hole where they speak funny and eat strange food.